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Hong Kong Fintech Week Perks

We Are Excited That You Are Expanding Your Business And Participating In Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021

We Got Something For You, So You Can Complete Your Expansion Journey, We Will Get You Equiped With The Best Consulting And Assessment To Make You Nail The Meetings You Will Conduct In Order To Present Your Startups To The Investors & Community In The Best Way You Can.

That Is Why We Are Reducing Our Consulting Price By 50% For Our Most Desired Services By The Startups:

[1] Investment Readiness

[2] Lead Generation Using LinkedIn

Scale Smarter!


Our " Investment Readiness " Consulting helped many startups to increase their pre-money valuation and helped them to realize their areas that need modifications before approaching serious investors to invest in their startups.

Bloc (1).png


3-5 Weeks

Original Price


Hong Kong Fintech Week Price

7.5K USD

Deadline To Book

November 10th, 2021 (Offer Is Valid For The First 10 Startups)

Bonus (Valid If You Book Before November 1st, 2021)

You Will Get 10 Hours Free LinkedIn Consulting To Help You To Generate More Leads And Secure More Investors Meetings Using " LinkedIn Sales Navigator".

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