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More Business, More Often

Don't miss this opportunity, and learn how to drive More Business More Often in 2022.

Our Managing Partner "Maury G" got invited to speak in this event with the Salesforce Country Manager - Egypt, and the CEO of Cloud11 ( A Salesforce Local Partner in Egypt).

Our Managing Partner Will Cover The Following Hot Topics:

[1] Five Secrets To Get More Sales In 2022

[2] Get A Better Sales Process

[3] The One Thing To Grow Your Sales Funnel By At Least 30% in 30 Days!

Don't Miss This Opportunity! and Register Today !

Tuesday March 8th, 2022

12:30 PM Cairo Time 

Why Should You Attend?

We partnered in this event with Salesforce, one of the leading Customer Relationship Management, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud Solutions.

We also partners with Cloud11, One of the Middle East, and North Africa ( MENA) region Salesforce Partner, and Google Cloud Partner as well.

We are looking forward to host you in this event and make sure that you can get at least one or two benefits that you can take home and drive more sales, better go-to-market strategy, or event get to meet a new prospect in our webinar.


Jesse Kingston


AbdelRahman Wahid

What will we cover?

How to increase your revenue in 2022 through existing clients and through acquiring new clients

Revenue Growth

How to get access to more leads and prospects that you currently don't have access to

Lead Generation

Not all sales strategies created equal.

We will help you here to find the right sales strategy that matches your customers' needs and fits your team skills

Sales Strategies

Enough selling by discount!

We will walk you here through different pricing strategies that are proven to work will in different markets, different products, and different verticals.

Get Ready!

Pricing Strategies

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How is Levels Ventures working with the channel in the APAC & MENA regions?

We have identified a few gaps in the Egyptian and MENA Region markets when it comes to the channel.


Our managing partner has more 15 years of working relationship with the channel ecosystem in Middle East, Africa, Central East Europe, Russia and the CIS, so it was easy for us as a company to leverage on that and start to partner with key players in the APAC market.


Right now, we are engaged in helping the IT channel partners and systems integrators (SIs) in key markets in the MENA Region.


We are also working with key Disaster Recovery vendors and Fortune 100 cybersecurity vendors to enable their channels to do a better job in this wider market.

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What challenges are channel partners in Egypt telling you they are finding in the current business climate?

We have been exploring the Egyptian market for a while and have identified many challenges. Some of these challenges include channel partners not having the right sales and marketing teams, sales and marketing not aligned with their business goals, lacking tools to transform the whole sales and service processes and a lack at driving more revenue from existing clients (upselling and reselling).


We can summarize the challenges they face into the following Six Points:

  1. Having A Clear And Effective Sales Process.

  2. Identifying Go-To- Market & Growth Strategies.

  3. Access More Leads, More Often.

  4. Modern Selling ( Using Traditional & Digital Selling Tools).

  5. Market Expansion ( Within Egypt, Or Expanding to GCC, MENA, or International Markets).

  6. Pricing Strategies ( They Keep Selling By Discount And Hurt Their Bottom-Line).

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