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What Is Levels Ventures And When Was It Founded?

Levels Ventures with its headquarters in Australia and another office in Hong Kong, is a management consulting and advisory firm that was established in 2017.


The firm serves the channel and partners ecosystem comprising [channel partners, system integrators, MSPs, MSSPs, and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)] across the world with special focus on the APAC region. The firm is 100% focused on the technology sector, particularly on the hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), cloud partners and cybersecurity channel partners, and manages security service providers (MSSPs).

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What challenges are channel partners in Asia Pacific telling you they are finding in the current business climate?

We have been exploring the APAC market for a while and have identified many challenges some of them include channel partners not having sales and marketing teams, sales and marketing not aligned with their business goals, lacking tools to transform the whole sales and service processes and a lack at driving more revenue from existing clients (upselling and reselling).


We can summarise the challenges they face into the following five points:

  1. Digital Selling

  2. Growth Strategies

  3. Lead Generation

  4. Vendor Alignment

  5. Pricing Strategies

  6. Transformation from the on-prem model to the consumption ( as-a-service) model

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  • How is Levels Ventures working with the channel in the APAC region?
    We have identified a few gaps in the APAC market when it comes to the channel. Our managing partner has more 15 years of working relationship with the channel ecosystem in Middle East, Africa, Central East Europe, Russia and the CIS, so it was easy for us as a company to leverage on that and start to partner with key players in the APAC market. Right now, we are engaged in helping the IT channel partners and systems integrators (SIs) in key markets in the APAC geography. We are also working with key Disaster Recovery vendors and Fortune 100 cybersecurity vendors to enable their channels to do a better job in this wider market.
  • What is the best way to start to work with you?
    We are launching the “Catalyst” Programme, which includes a lot of support to the channel partners and MSPs like you. The programme focuses mainly on the assessment of the channel partner’s health and helps in transforming the way they generate leads in a better and faster approach that aligns to your top vendors that you work with. ​ Most of our clients work with Citrix, Sophos, Acronis, Microsoft, Nutanix, Pure Storage, VMWare, and Oracle. Our team has a very strong understanding with these vendors partner program, sales tools, marketing tools, and rebate programs. Here where we add value and help you to accelerate your growth and $ value out of the vendors you work with. ​ In the other hand, we help you to identify your customers persona and then we help you to prepare your Target Account Selling, Identify the potential key prospects, and make you ready to work with them and accelerate your time to close more business more often. ​ The program is anywhere between 8 weeks - 10 weeks, it shows quick and steady results with most of our clients who follow our recommendations. ​ Two modules are there in the Catalyst Programme which include assessment, a very professional and structured process that is conducted by our consultants and measures the health of the channel partner with a weighted score from gathering 50 check points across the main business areas such as sales, marketing, product, pricing, team and competitive landscape. We help them with the execution and execute with their internal resources or implement it with a third party. We have seen a lot of demand in recent quarters from vendors and distributors who are seeking our engagement to activate and retain most of their tier two and tier three partners and we are glad that we are able to help in working with our clients in increasing their market share and accelerating their time to market. You can book your free discovery call at anytime. It is for FREE and no commitment at all from your side :)
  • Which countries in APAC are you targeting this year and why?
    We are targeting Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Thailand as our tier one focus in the APAC market because of the number of local channel partners that are transforming their business model from IT Consulting or traditional reseller to MSP or MSSP in these five markets. The rest of the region and markets come in as our tier two focus. Both tiers are equally important to us, but we have started to identify key vendors, IT distributors and channel partners to work with in 2022-2025. EMEA and North America are two important regions for us as well, and we are doing everything we can to establish strong presence there.

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