Levels Ventures

Since our inception in 2017, Levels Ventures ( formerly known as Next Level Consulting) has been totally focusing on building a strategic consulting practice that empowers all kinds of business to be customer-centered provide solutions that makes everyone in the ecosystem realize their full potential.

We are Asia Pacific based firms and serving many clients from all over the APAC region ( Hong Kong | Singapore | Malaysia | Indonesia | New Zealand| Australia | Philippines).


For More Information About Our Strategic Partnerships in Asia Pacific ( Hong Kong and Australia) Please Contact Us At advisory@levelsventures.com

Maury G


Maury is the founder of Levels Ventures

He is a DLT Expert and Blockchain and Hashgraph Technology Passionate

He is Senior level Sales, Alliance, and Channel management leader with more than 15 years of experience in high tech.

Maury Is Expert in building scalable, unique, and profitable businesses.


Paul Li


Paul Joined Levels Ventures Mid 2018 after Levels Ventures did a complete acquisition of his previous firm The Block Map.

Paul's Experience and Expertise Are- but not limited to the following

-1. Advisory on Blockchain Project,and startups 2. Enterprise Blockchain consultancy

3. Compliance consultancy 4. Business analysis 5. Asian market and business development consultancy

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